part of an on-going series titled youth.

the idea behind this is rooted in the relationship between older siblings, especially sisters, and their younger brothers. naturally, this is me and my brother. he’s a continually wonderful and willing model for me, but i had never shot with both of us in the frame before, so this was a new experience.
as an older sister, my brother’s best interest is always at heart. as he grows up, our relationship constantly changing, i watch his relationship with the world change as well. i flip between feeling the need to protect him, and having an overwhelming pride in his bravery and desire to explore this world. i still cover his eyes in the most graphically violent parts of films, yet am surprised when he shows me his most recent skateboarding trick, thinking only how incredible it is. most importantly, i just want the best for him
and so this is a dedication to you, keko. you’ve been through so much in the last year and i know this coming 2014 is full of great things for you, buddy
love endlessly,


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