After knocking on hundreds of doors and meeting and listening to so many of you—although there were a lot of issues, overwhelmingly—many of them came back to kids.

These 3 shining stars are among the best kids I have ever known…and their hard working parents and tough as nails Tao, or Grandpa get the credit. For the trio, as we call them and my kids and yours, and the kids who are is clear in talking with you, we are grown enough as a society to see past our own short terms and to step up and pave the way to put their future first.

A better place for our kids, a better education for our kids, a better opportunity for our kids, something to be proud of, something to inspire, something to hold them close, something for them to do, someone for them to trust, something for them to eat, someplace for them to sleep.

I never ran into a single person (at least one that would speak ot me) that said: cut the youth programs, in fact, I often heard they should be expanded.. I never heard anyone say, proactive solutions to crime is a waste of time. I never heard anyone begrudge giving a kid a meal or a warm bed.
I never heard complaints about family friendly entertainment. I never heard that it’s all the children’s fault.

I heard from parents who lost their children to cancer, to suicide, to crime..I heard from parents who were worried about putting their kids in the "wrong" place. I heard from parents who were scared if they didn’t stay, that no one would be left for the ones who needed it the most.

And I heard from parents, who just want the outlook to be a better for their kids..

Posted by electdakota on 2012-09-08 03:45:36


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