The Individual American Century Mutual Funds

The Individual American Century Mutual Funds

As one of the top mutual funds in recent years, the American Century mutual funds gives one of the best mutual funds in time. If offers four different kinds of individual investments not to mention the institutional investment schemes. This article would concentrate on the individual American Century mutual funds since more and more individuals are getting interested on the investing on mutual funds.

Money Markets. If you want to stay free from the long term high risk investment and would want to settle for short term, low risk and high quality investments, the money markets would be very appealing to your. It provides security to your investment plus a relative stability that would help you gain peace of mind upon throwing your money on the market.

There are two American Century money market funds suitable for you portfolio: the taxable and the tax-free. Taxable American Century money market funds provide great security, liquidity, stability, and monthly income to those who want to reassure that they get hold of their investments every now and then. The tax-free American Century money market funds on the other hand give emphasis on paying monthly dividends that are often exempted from federal income taxes or sometimes free from local taxes. This gives the same emphasis as taxable money market funds do.

Bond funds are another types of mutual funds offered by the American Century. Bond funds are suited for individuals who are already retired or individuals who would like to find another way to increase their monthly income. This is made possible because of the ability of bond funds to create regular income.

The American Century mutual funds offer different types of bond funds designed to meet your aim.

Balanced funds provide you with the capacity to create a diversified portfolio. As a single investment involving large amount of money, the balanced funds would take care of all your necessities and invest your shares to different companies which the portfolio manager think would generate good profit.

If you are comfortable with long term financial investment and are comfortable to any fluctuations of share prices, American Century mutual funds offer diverse opportunity to for this kind of investment: stock funds. The stock funds are Blend, Growth, Specialty, Value or international.

The stock funds give the opportunity for investors to gain great sum of investment turnouts resulting to a long-term financial activities with risks still present on the side.

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