this picture kind of reminds me of EPCOT in the whole futuristic section. you know… where the big golf ball is? well, at first glance, it looks so crisp and clean. typical new-age (almost futuristic looking) technology. but if you look closer,its a filthy mess. all of the corners packed with disgustingness that the workers just sweep behind in the mornings since they’re too lazy.this picture goes right along with their laziness, quite proudly.if you look closely, my ipod has a food smudge on the screen, the keys are kind of dirty, and the screen of the laptop is filthy… this whole mess was, of course, my fault for deciding to "myspace" right after lunch. savvy?

Posted by funkymuviluver on 2007-06-21 19:32:28

Tagged: , computer , ipod , electronics , white , technology

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