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Corporation Tax Burdens: Property Taxes & Sales Taxes

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares When most people think about “business taxes,” the corporate income tax is usually the first that comes to mind. Corporate income taxes generate sizable tax burdens for businesses—especially at the federal level—but at the state level, the corporate income tax is just one of many taxes businesses pay. For many companies, state corporate


TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Not in Kansas anymore…the Maritime Museum in Liverpool has a special exhibit on customs seizures, and this is at the entry way. The whole point of the exhibit seemed to be that you need to pay taxes. Now. Pay the taxes. Posted by erikaow on 2013-11-26 18:41:09 Tagged: , taxes , liverpool TweetShareSharePin0


TweetShareSharePin0 Shares taxes on calculator. Please feel free to use this image that I’ve created on your website or blog. If you do, I’d greatly appreciate a link back to my blog as the source: Example: Photo by Credit Debit PRO Thanks! Mike Lawrence Posted by CreditDebitPro on 2018-05-11 21:11:26 Tagged: , taxes TweetShareSharePin0

Issues with Automated Guidance

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Following my post from last month, I write again about academic research related to the IRS’s technology plans. This time with an additional focus on some of the potential pitfalls and concerns. The government provides resources, information and assistance to help the public understand and apply the law. Technology has allowed the government


TweetShareSharePin0 Shares "TAXES CUZ STUFF HAS 2 BE PAID 4!" True that. Posted by soukup on 2010-11-09 01:20:51 Tagged: , tax , taxes , sign TweetShareSharePin0 Shares
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