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Children Facing Foreclosure And Homelessness Beg Your Understanding!

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesChildren Facing Foreclosure And Homelessness Beg Your Understanding! It’s just business, Kyle & Kayle. We’re sorry. We never intended for this to happen. Your parents will take good care of you. Homelessness is like camping out. You’ll be okay. We want you to know, we are not in the business of stealing homes from

How Are SEP IRAs Established To Save For Retirement

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesHow Are SEP IRAs Established To Save For Retirement A Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plan is established when an employer adopts a SEP agreement and has a minimum number of employees working in the organization who qualify for owning a SEP-IRA account. The qualification criteria for an employee to become eligible for the employer’s

Optimizing Your Dead Links!

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesOptimizing Your Dead Links! I have been reading, with great interest, all the online advice about how to optimize a website. We have a financial planning business in Victoria, BC. Like most towns, there are lots of financial planners, investment advisors, insurance agents, brokers, dealers, and Starbuck’s locations here. Somehow we needed to find

Tax Preparation – Here Is A Great Solution

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesTax Preparation – Here Is A Great Solution When it comes to getting your taxes done, you have a few options to choose from. You can choose to do your taxes yourself or go to a tax specialist to get it done. Most individuals try to file their taxes on their own. When it

Business Tax Deductions

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesBusiness Tax Deductions As we enter mid-March, taxpayers begin to become very interested in deductions. Following are a few that you may be entitled to claim. Deductible Expenses Office expenses Rent or lease payments Advertising Costs of goods sold Insurance costs Utilities Payments to independent contractors [file form 1099] Accounting fees Legal fees Communication

Teach Employees “Why” and not just How”

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesTeach Employees “Why” and not just How” Anyone who has been involved in escrow administration of a mortgage company will agree this is one of the most complex areas of loan servicing. Hundreds of thousands of tax bills, hazard insurance premiums, flood insurance premiums, PMI premiums, and MIP premiums are paid by escrow departments

Office Management and the Family Practice

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesOffice Management and the Family Practice The right office manager can help a family practice thrive. The wrong office manager can result in loss of clients and have everyone in the practice ready to commit homicide. How do you find the office manager who will be a blessing to the family practice instead of

Credit Score Report

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesCredit Score Report In a number of countries, the record of an individual’s previous borrowing and repaying together with the information on late payments and declared bankruptcy are all contained in a credit score report. Whenever you fill up an application form for any financing institution, the credit score report is then forwarded to

Subchapter S Corporation Tax Status

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesSubchapter S Corporation Tax Status Overview of the Subchapter S Corporation Designation Although the term Subchapter S Corporation sounds as if it applies to a certain type of company, in actuality, it is merely a term used by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to designate a particular tax status. Almost any company that is

Socialism in the United States

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesSocialism in the United States One of the reasons for the demise of the Soviet Union and other forms of communism, was because such governments opposed the private ownership of things. The government used socialism to try to control what a person could own or even hope to achieve throughout his or her life.
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