Secretary Hughs Participates In Rio Grande Valley Engagement Tour

Group of smiling people standing together.

(Secretary Hughs participates in a roundtable

discussion with RGV business and community leaders.

Office Of The Texas Secretary Of State, 4/30/21)

Secretary Hughs iand Pharr's Mayor stand in from of the RGV MPO sign.

(Secretary Hughs poses for a photo with the Mayor

of Pharr, Ambrosio Hernandez. Office Of The Texas

Secretary Of State, 4/30/21)

The Secretary and a group of individuals are sitting around a table facing each other.

(The Secretary receives a briefing at the Pharr

International Bridge. Office Of The Texas Secretary

Of State, 4/30/21)

The Secretary and and an individual are standing at a table that is filled with produce.

(Secretary Hughs examines produce that has been

inspected at cross-border customs. Office Of The

Texas Secretary Of State, 4/30/21)

The Secretary and officials are standing in front of a bridge entry way. Trucks can be seen in the background.

(The Secretary poses with local RGV
leaders and

bridge officials. Office Of The
Texas Secretary Of

State, 4/30/21)

MCALLEN/PHARR – Texas Secretary of State Ruth Ruggero Hughs earlier this week traveled to the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) to meet with public officials, economic development organizations, community leaders, and international partners to strengthen relationships with stakeholders throughout the border region. In her capacity as the Governor’s liaison for Texas Border and Mexican Affairs, the Secretary visited with key entities impacted by cross-border trade between Texas and Mexico, participated in roundtable discussions, and received briefings on a wide range of issues critical to the border region, including transportation, infrastructure, and workforce development.

On Tuesday, Secretary Hughs began her tour by participating in a roundtable discussion hosted by the RGV Partnership, which included business and community stakeholders, where they discussed the importance of promoting the region as a gateway for trade between Texas, Mexico, the U.S. and the entirety of North America.

Secretary Hughs then participated in a fireside chat with the Secretary of Economic Development of Tamaulipas, Carlos Garcia. Secretary Hughs and Secretary Garcia highlighted the mutually beneficial and interdependent trade relationship between Texas and Mexico and expressed their desire to strengthen it further.

On Wednesday, the Secretary met with the RGV Metropolitan Planning Organization (RGV MPO), where she heard from local government and business leaders on the importance that infrastructure plays in the facilitation of cross-border trade and the need to work collaboratively with state, federal, and Mexican partners to implement projects and improvements to increase operational efficiencies.

Finally, Secretary Hughs toured the Pharr International Bridge, a major border crossing connecting the U.S. and Mexico, where she participated in a briefing alongside local leaders and received a first-hand look at the customs and logistics processes in place at the bridge.

“As we Texans know, there’s no better place to do business than in the Lone Star State,” said Secretary Hughs. “This week’s trip to the Rio Grande Valley was an incredible opportunity to engage with and learn from community stakeholders on the various issues and challenges they face, as well as avenues for growth. I also appreciated the continued partnership that we have with our Mexican counterparts as we work collaboratively to grow the Texas-Mexico relationship. I remain committed both now and in the future to working alongside leaders from the Valley to foster opportunities for economic growth and prosperity to ensure that we forge a brighter future for all.”

The total assessment of trade transported between the Texas-Mexico border is valued at $615 billion and accounts for 68% of all U.S.-Mexico trade. This relationship is also directly tied to more than 1 million trade-dependent jobs in Texas with an economic impact of $260 billion. In addition, the movement of goods that crosses through the RGV contributes $40 billion to the GDP of the U.S.

Learn more about the RGV Partnership, RGV MPO and Pharr International Bridge.


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