Secretary Hughs Joins Cultural And Economic Trade Mission To Japan

Secretary Hughs sitting at a table that surrounds the room with  the TBAT committee.

(Secretary Hughs attends a policy briefing at the

Japan Foundation. Office
of the
Texas Secretary of

State, 12/2/2019)

The TBAT committee is seen sitting at a table that surrounds the entire room with nothing in the middle. As a result, everyone is facing each other.

(Secretary Hughs meets with representatives from

the Japanese business, trade, and transportation

sectors. Office
of the Texas Secretary of State,


Secretary Hughs posing for a photo with other TBAT members in front of a building.

(The Secretary visits Toyota Motor Corporation and

discusses initiatives with executives. Office

of the Texas Secretary of State, 12/2/2019)

TOKYO – Texas Secretary of State Ruth Hughs last month joined a cultural and economic trade mission to Japan as part of a delegation hosted by the Japan Foundation and Center for Global Partnership. The Secretary participated in the mission alongside key leaders from Texas’ business and workforce development sectors to promote cultural exchange, create economic opportunities, and deepen the Texas-Japan relationship.

Secretary Hughs began the mission with a policy briefing at the Japan Foundation in Tokyo, where delegation members discussed the importance of expanding collaboration and increasing economic investment between Texas and Japan.

Secretary Hughs then met with Nakayama Norihiro, Parliamentary Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, where the Secretary and the Vice Minister reaffirmed their commitment to further strengthening the strong trade and cultural ties between Texas and Japan.

The Secretary also met with representatives from the Japanese business, trade, and transportation sectors, including the Toyota Motor Corporation, Daiwa House Group, Omron Industrial Automation, Japanese External Trade Organization (JETRO), Japanese Business Foundation, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). They discussed the importance of private-public partnerships in fostering opportunities for economic growth and their role in improving quality of life for the public.

Finally, Secretary Hughs traveled from Tokyo to Toyota City, where she was received by Deputy Mayor Sugiyama Motoaki at City Hall. The Secretary then visited Toyota Motor Corporation headquarters, where she toured the facility and spoke at length with company executives about current and future corporate initiatives to further innovation and expand foreign investment.

“As one of the Lone Star State’s largest trade partners, it is vital that we not only maintain, but continually strengthen our relationship with Japan,” said Secretary Hughs. “By working collaboratively to promote opportunities for cultural exchange and economic growth, both Texas and Japan stand to mutually benefit.”

Earlier this year, Toyota invested an additional $391 million into its truck assembly plant in San Antonio, bringing the plant’s total investment to approximately $3 billion. Additionally, Aisin AW, a Japanese parts supplier, announced an investment of $400 million into Cibolo.

Learn more about the Japan Foundation and the Center for Global Partnership.


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