Rated Budget Software-Expenditures Within Your Means

Rated Budget Software-Expenditures Within Your Means

If you have a job and make money and live in a house or apartment you need to create a budget and stick to it every single month. Using a highly rated budget software is essential for learning to keep your expenditures within your means. A good program will help you see where your money goes every month and if you can make some changes anywhere to loosen things up a bit.

A highly rated budget software program will make this easier and more efficient. And if you can link it to your checking account then so much the better. Once it is set up the a quick daily or even weekly check you will be able to see your financial life at a glance.

The main purpose that money management was created is efficiency. To have the ability to streamline your income and expenses in a way that you always knew you could is just amazing, not to mention a big relief.

Personal finance software not only includes checking and savings account management, you can also track your investments and manage them, but it also includes clothing allowance management, food costs, and household maintenance tracking. Other features include the ability to track your mortgage payments, year-end tax preparation tools and the ability to categorize and prioritize all of your monthly household bills.

There are many free versions of personal finance programs out there and I am going to let you find those on your own. Today we are going to talk about some paid versions that will work very well for you.

Quicken has a starter edition of it’s software that runs about $40. Some of the features that are included are checkbook balancing, bill pay reminders, tax prep options and the ability to categorize and track your monthly spending. You can also use this software to connect with your bank or credit union. Quicken also offers the peace of mind of keeping all of your records safe by having the ability to encrypt and archive them.

The next one I would like to talk about is Simple Home Money Management. This program will help you keep track of all of your bills and account information, any investments you have can be managed by this program as well. It can give you a home budget and cash flow analysis, too. The only thing is you can not link this to your accounts and export any information. It costs about $30.

PiggyBob is the third program on my list to show you. PiggyBob will cost you about $20 and is pretty basic. You can still do all you need to to manage your household but it may not have all the different bells and whistles that you do not need and would only confuse the process.

OK, I lied, here’s a free one. For those of you who don’t have the money to buy this type of money management tool then you can find many free versions like Mint or Duck Budget Tracker. You might not get all the features of a paid program but these should help you keep your budget in line just fine.

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