Medical Billing Outsourcing

Medical Billing Outsourcing

To outsource or not to outsource? That is the question that’s been plaguing almost all medical offices these days.

Your practice is growing and it’s getting busier with each day that passes. Your staff is getting frazzled servicing all those incoming patients, not to mention answering phone calls and whatever crisis your office might be going through that day. Plans don’t necessarily apply to life because things are never predictable. As a doctor, you know this more than anyone. Although coding errors might be a fact of life if you do your own medical billing and coding, you really don’t have time for it. So how do you deal?

The industry tells you that medical billing outsourcing is the answer. But is medical billing outsourcing really beneficial?

In a word, absolutely.

True that there are cons to medical billing outsourcing, but the pros more than make up for it. With the burden of medical billing handled outside your office, medical billing outsourcing can do a lot for your practice. Just imagine you and your staff without the problem of medical billing and coding in the way. Imagine how much work you can do in a day when you don’t have to waste time trying to correct coding errors. Medical billing outsourcing makes that possible and more. Medical billing outsourcing will allow you time to develop relationships with new patients and more time for marketing your practice.

Having a medical billing outsourcing firm handle your medical billing will result in greater accuracy which could then lead to expediency in your revenue for your practice. Because they are dedicated to servicing you, a medical billing outsourcing service is going to have the time to check and double check claims to make sure they are absolutely accurate.

That is certainly a far cry from your in-house staff that could be interrupted or distracted by day-to-day office goings on. Because of this, more frequent mistakes can happen which equal to more delays in reimbursement. With medical billing outsourcing, you can stop worrying about this problem and focus on the more important aspect of your job – saving people’s lives.

But that’s not the greatest benefit medical billing outsourcing offers you. Since you’ve decided that you wanted to try medical billing outsourcing, you will find out that the biggest pro of hiring an outside firm to handle your billing is practically zero overhead costs associated with in-house employees. Costs such as salaries, benefits, year-end W-2s, unemployment claims, state and federal taxes can be dispensed of. Just freeing yourself from having to manage extra people is already a big bonus but medical billing outsourcing goes beyond that. It can actually free you from the additional costs.

So to outsource or not to outsource? The answer should be obvious by now.

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