JR Cigars: Offering You Better Choices

JR Cigars: Offering You Better Choices

Do you want to purchase cigars online? Do you want a reputable online retailer – one that offers quality cigars at affordable and reasonable prices? Did you ever consider buying from JR Cigars?

Are you a veteran cigar smoker and likes to buy hand made cigars? Why don’t you check what JR Cigars have to offer for your demanding cigar tastes and preferences?

Or are you someone who has just learned to love the art & science of cigar smoking, and doesn’t exactly know what to try out first? Why don’t you consider trying the machine made cigars offered by JR Cigars?

JR Cigars – Online Cigar Store

JR Cigars’ website is at It is a well-designed website and user-friendly. One can easily browse over items of interest.

On their homepage, you’ll readily see pictures of the cigar brands they carry and the on-going promotions they have.

Buying Cigars Made Easy

One only has to create an account on JR Cigars’ website – providing your personal details including your credit card information & other relevant details.

With this, you will then be able to view your account information such as order histories, wish lists and UPS tracking features.’s Cigar Search Facility

One will be able to find a good search facility in the company’s website – there is a simple cigar brand searching option, and there is also an advanced search option where the cigar details you specify will be included in the search process.

The search results would not disappoint you, and it is most probable that you would find the cigar you are looking for.

JR Cigars – JR Alternatives

The company has their own cigar product lines they call the JR Alternatives. The concept has quite a history behind it – and an amusing one at that. Read the details over their website – just click on the JR University link on the homepage, and a link to the JR Alternative History will be available.

State and Federal Tobacco Excise Taxes

JR Cigars currently ships cigars to those within the USA. The company’s business license is applicable in North Carolina. The company’s invoices state that customers will be responsible to pay the taxes required in the states they are in.

JR Cigars – Cigars and More

This company also offers cigar accessories as lighters, humidors, humidifying devices, cases, etc. – And many other men’s products as wallets, bags, and fragrances of popular brands.

With JR Cigars’ various male product offerings – it isn’t just about cigars for the boys anymore – it’s about turning these cigar-loving boys into real men.

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