IRS Welcomes Hillary’s IGS

IRS Welcomes Hillary’s IGS

The computer man has no idea who the forty-fourth (44th) President of The United States will be, but one or two things are certain. One is that the American people as a whole are fed up with forty-three (43) and with the Bush dynasty. A member of the remote helpdesk team has observed that should Hillary become number forty-four (44), it would not take two terms for the people to also have more of the Clinton dynasty than they could stomach.

America’s sons and daughters think Bush – Chaney was in the pocket of big business. But, the Tennessee Mountain Man fears that a Hillary Presidency would make all previous favors won by lobbyists seem little more than the proverbial “drop in a bucket”.

Mike Huckabee wanted to “nail the going out of business sign on the doors of the IRS”. A great idea. Why not a fair tax? But, realistically, we know the IRS is going nowhere soon. In fact Hillary will need to create a sister agency for them. She wants a federal law forcing everyone to pay a heath care tax.

Hillary talks about it in glowing terms of health insurance for everyone. The one catch to her plan is, everyone will be required by law to purchase this coverage from companies who have always tried to avoid “preventative care”. Why? Money! It is cheaper to wait until people are dying and spend a few dollars in their final days or months than to prolong their life and care for their health for extended years.

A Clinton dynasty would not only mean four (4) more years of Bill Clinton running around a White House full of young impressionable interns fishing with his trousers down, but doing so with plenty of time on his hands as the first lady simply does not have the responsibilities and demand on time the President does.

Do we really want to spend the next four (4) years suffering the Clinton’s condescension, contempt, and chicanery while we are required to pay off their insurance company friends? What she has planned for those who can least afford it is a federally sanctioned good old fashion shake down in the name of universal health care.

Obama says he understands the need for universal health care but also knows the reason most people who are not insured or who are under insured is not because those folks don’t want insurance. But, rather it is because they simply can’t afford it, and that there has to be another way. Hillary’s other way is wage garnishment or jail or both.

Here come da IGS (Insurance Garnishment Service) or some such federal bureaucracy that will make the IRS seem like the girl next door. Vern Beachy’s blogspot refers to it as Hillabeast, and that sounds about right. She has taken special interest money from everyone and their brother. Ask them where Bill made all his money! It may have been American Dollars but it was not from
Americans or our friends and allies. And, they expect you and I to repay it. Obama, on the other hand, has taken no money from anyone except you and I. He owes no one but us. You must ask yourself, “to whom do I wish to be indebted for the next decade?”.

The United States government already knows how much money you spend and on what. Do you recall the pony tail bandit? A girl of means, by no means. She should have been under the radar, but not hardly. Big brother is here to stay, but we need not give big sister a lift up.

It is apparently not enough for Hillary that former employers, former spouses, lending companies, financial institutions, the state, and the federal government and a host of other plaintiffs can garnish your wages. We need, she believes, another federal agency to keep the lower and middle classes of this country in line. The result – we already miss John Edwards.

If a person receiving Medicaid or Medicare needs certain services now, especially long term care, he will find his car, his home, and any funds he may have managed to put away seized. Hillary wants to do this on the front end and get it over with all in the name, again, of federally required universal health care.

In the United Kingdom, the Debtors Act of 1869 abolished imprisonment for debt and the United States soon followed suit covering most instances. Although for ostensibly different reasons and under somewhat different circumstances there are those like Jes Beard and Hillary Clinton who want them reinstituted.

The computer man lost tens of thousands of dollars because bad things happen to good people. People who never saw their financial problems looming lost their life as they knew it and because of circumstances beyond their control hurt the computerman. That does not give the computerman or anyone else the right to add insult to injury.

There was a time in the United States when you did not want to be found by the cops with no money in your pocket. It was off to jail. Now you get stopped with “too much” money in your pocket and it is off to jail. The coming twist thanks to President Hillary Clinton, should that come to pass, is to be found sick with no health insurance, and you guessed it….. Here come da IGS! And, God only knows what and who else would befall the American public to enrich the Clinton dynasty should Hillary become number forty-four (44).. Hillary’s IGS would make J. Edgar Hoover look like the diminutive little ego maniac he was, and his law enforcement arm like the cub scouts.

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