Internet Marketing: The Pay Per Play Breakthrough Technology

Internet Marketing: The Pay Per Play Breakthrough Technology

Internet Marketing

Many people have already discovered the vast advancements and improvements that the internet brings to marketing and advertisements. The results are, simply put, astounding, benefiting companies who have used Pay Per Play advertising with billions of dollars in new advertising revenue as the market switches from television to internet.

Who Needs Pay Per Play?

Mostly, big advertisers want this. But amazingly, Pay Per Play isn’t just for the big companies that bring in big revenue. The impact of advertisement and marketing on the internet has been so profound that anyone who advertises at all, whether on prime time or late night cable, can get in on and benefit from this Pay Per Play technology. In fact, business owners who are unable to advertise on television and cable can easily take advantage of this new advertising channel.

What Makes Pay Per Play Advertising Successful?

Contributing factors to the success of Pay Per Play is the escalation in social time spent on the internet. Many who used to turn to television and cable for entertainment and relaxation are now spending that time and more on the internet. Whether researching, reading a recently released novel or watching a rented movie, so many activities are now found online. This is especially true due to the amount of role playing gaming that consumes the internet market. Instead of watching other people live interesting lives on television, they are interacting in their own fantasy.

Of course, social networking has a lot to do with the subject as well. As with any social situation, even one between friends, will grow as each friend meets a new friend and introduces everyone. So essentially the amount of people that split or completely turn their entertainment time allotment over to time spent on internet just keeps growing. Anne Marie likes to post her pictures on a popular website and grandma is getting comfortable with her new laptop. Soon she’ll be viewing Anne Marie’s photos and posting some of her own.

This lends to the userability of internet these days. Programs and websites are so easy to understand and use that the world of online entertainment and spending isn’t limited to those who understand electronics or complex data languages.

In addition, with DVRs in millions of homes, allowing people to record and playback their favorite shows when they are busy, commercials are being fast forwarded and ignored. This is an especially threatening situation to advertising and business all over the country. In fact, its estimated that 33.5 million will have DVRs in their homes by 2008 which is right around the corner.

Too many advertisements are also not entertaining and with television and cable, too many is what you get. With the right writing in combination with the right point of delivery, business can once again get positive results from their marketing. In other words, as people do more and more of their shopping online, they are now looking for advertisements and marketing information for the products they want. Imagine that – people get advertised to because they want to be. Pay Per Play advertising makes that possible.

Finally, the fact that the advertisements that Pay Per Play customers deliver are only audio and only 5 seconds long is certainly a big plus. Viewers, or listeners are usually pleased when dealing with a 5 second punch line over a 2 minute mind numbing attempt to combine acting with sales pitching.

The Positive Impacts Of Pay Per Play

With advertisement becoming a thorn in show watcher’s sides, hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. face changes in their employment stability. When commercials are ignored, they lose their efficiency, thus eliminating their use. The people who work hard to create those marketing campaigns and fun advertisements to keep their company going, face not having any work to do. Until now. Pay Per Play creates a whole new marketing field.

The Change

As the television and cable industry change with time, online marketing partners are now being paid many of the millions that marketers were for television and cable. Like any other growing company, it’s up to you to become a part of it. And the amount of jobs it can create is limitless, therefore the revenue potential is limitless.

What is Pay Per Play (PPP) Advertising?

NetAudioAds or Pay Per Play (PPP) advertising is an advertising channel that works on a bid system like Google Adwords. Publishers are compensated like with AdSense only the owner of the website earns revenue on all of their traffic without clicks.

Large firms who advertise big like Del Taco are able to deliver a 5 second audio advertisement to site guests on specific sites that people who eat Del Taco also go to. The advertising is so specific that clicks aren’t necessary. And it’s only 5 seconds!

Though Pay Per Play is not entirely new to the world, it currently has over 66,000 marketers and advertisers and serves Pay Per Playaudio ads to over 550,000 websites. Those ads deliver over 40 million advertisement impressions monthly.

The ease of use of the product is a big plus. The sound ad doesn’t take up any space or cause friction in loading time. Nor does it require any clicks. The audio ad just plays whenever a guest enters a page or site that has the Pay Per Play code embedded in it. This enables website owners to be paid by each play rather than by click, resulting in better revenue.

To avoid guests and visitors from being overwhelmed by ads, only one ad plays at a time per page. And since, as mentioned before, the ads are related to the content that is being viewed on that site, the visitor isn’t listening to anything they wouldn’t be interested in.

Due to the volume of websites that are using the Pay Per Click technology, NetAudioAds has teamed up with one of the 5 biggest search engines. And with 66,000 marketers and advertisers wanting more of it, all that’s missing are the website owners wanting to use this Pay Per Play system.

Not convinced? Pay Per Play can capture an audience of potentially 100 million people. That’s more advertising power than television and cable have ever had at one given time. So with 907 million people online every day and almost all of them having working audio systems or speakers on their computers, this is the most potential that marketing and advertising has ever had.

Compensation for Website Owners

Far more than what Google offers with their pay per click system, Pay Per Play website owners can earn 25% of the revenue per play spent by each advertiser. A great point, but even better is that you get paid per each play which means each visitor instead of each click. The visitor doesn’t have to do anything in order for the website owner to benefit. This is a much needed positive change in advertisement benefits for web owners.

Using the Pay Per Play system is simple. It’s just a copy and paste a into the web pages you choose to play these audio ads.

Another way for web owners to earn from Pay Per Play is to refer others to the program. For each company that begins using it, you earn an additional slice. And you can earn another slice if those you refer, refer someone else as well.

When is it All Happening?

Since NetAudioAds will be managed on an automated bid system like Google Adwords uses, advertisers will be able to choose the types of sites their ad is played on. They then bid for placement on the sites they choose.

On February 1st, 2008, bidding will begin. The more websites interested in hosting the Pay Per Play technology at that time, the better the outcome is for all parties. Like any good social network, as mentioned, the network needs to grow. The bigger it is, the more each audio ad is worth. That, in essence, puts all internet owners at the mercy of Pay Per Play advertising.

Though Pay Per Play is growing now, this bidding process in February will ensure a huge leap in the way website owners are paid for advertising. But more website owners have to get involved first.

What Else Should I know?

You should know that since this networking opportunity can exponentially grow with each referral and referral’s referral, etc. it’s a positive addition that information about Pay Per Play is embedded in all of its transactions.

Also know that you have the option of adding 30 second ads to specific pages on your site and that these will pay more than the 5 second ads do. A great way to eliminate this from invading visitors is to embed it in exit pages and specific pages with advertising intentions.

To continue the growth of this improvement in advertising, pass this article on to any website owners you know. Keep the social network growing and change the way that site advertising works for web owners. Plus, there is no cost to join and begin using this system. And if you don’t have a website, the Pay Per Play advertising program will help you start one without cost!

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