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The Internal Revenue Service, often known simply as the IRS, has been in place since 1862. While it has done many great things for the country it also gets a bad rap. People don’t like paying in taxes and they certainly don’t like the idea that they may one day be contacted for an audit to be conducted. Yet all of the money raised by taxes goes for funds that benefit our Nation as a whole.

It wasn’t until 1913 though that the laws for paying income tax were implemented and that people had to start filing each year. The deadline for a return filed with the IRS is April 15th unless you have already filed for an extension. They have a staff that is well trained in the concepts and the laws. You can be sure they will be very thorough in their work. If you have been honest on your tax returns though you have nothing to worry about.

All employees of the IRS are classified as Federal employees. They are also educated in the areas of auditing, accounting, and data entry. They don’t have an easy job by any means but if you are looking for a challenge and some great pay and benefits you may want to look into their job openings. You can find out what is available as well as the qualifications by going to their website.

However, the integrity of the people working for the IRS has come under scrutiny as well. Some employees were accused of taking bribes during audits to look the other way. As a result of such claims in 1998 a series of policies and procedures were put into place that won’t allow this to happen.

The IRS continues to evolve and to change the various tax laws. It can be confusing to keep up with them but all of their information is available online. You can read instruction manuals and you can get the various forms you may need too. There are representatives that you can contact if you have questions as well. Regardless of the bad image the IRS has in society it really is a good organization and it is there to assist those in need.

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