Government Assistance For Single Parents

Government Assistance For Single Parents

Government Assistance For Single Parents

Being a single parent is a tough job. Imagine you should be a mom and a dad all at the same time. This means that you will be nurturer as well as a provider. Tough, isn’t it? But don’t you worry. There are government assistance for single parents to help you do these two arduous parenting jobs.

If you are a mom, being a nurturer comes naturally. There poses a problem if you are a dad. There are government assistance for single parents to help a father develop his ‘maternal’ skills. There are support groups available that will guide single parents on the basics of child rearing.

There are also available government assistance for single parents who are jobless. Single moms, particularly have a problem with this. Their being a mother always comes first and oftentimes lose their jobs in the process. When they are employed, they lose focus with their jobs and thus becomes perennialy late and absent to tend to a sick child or attend a parent-teacher meeting in school.

There are government assistance for single parents with this kind of problem. All a single mom should do is go to the nearest local goverment office and ask for a job that aptly fits a single mother. Yes, there are jobs that are ‘single parents’ friendly. The local government collate all the businesses within the county that has ‘special considerations’ for single parents.

If any of these ‘single parents friendly’ companies hire you, don’t ever think that you have the liberty to be absent whenever you want to. Of course, your being absent or late should have a valid reason. Otherwise, you will also end up fired for abuse of confidence.

Aside from these, there are still lots of government assistance for single parents. This includes montly stipend if you are jobless which you can apply at your nearest local office. Within a specified time, of course, you should have found a job.

The local government will assist you in finding a job. In a month or so, if you seek for government assistance for single parents, you will undoubtedly find a job that suits your needs and understands your special situation.

Also there is a government assistance for single parents who want to go back to school or enrol to college. State universities and private colleges offer scholarships for single parents. You could ask your local government office about this.

They have a list of schools that offer such scholarship. Aside from the scholarship, you may also get or be awarded a montly stipend to finance your daily school work needs and some for your household. This is of course while you are at school. The moment you finish school, the issuance of monthly stipend will be stopped.

Why is the federal government doing all these assistance for single parents? The Federal Government values the sanctity and importance of a family. Today, being a family doesn’t mean a household must have a father and mother before it will be called as such. As long as there is a single parent who is maintaining the happiness and peace in a household, that home deserves to be called a family.

So, in order for single parents to give a bright future to their child or children the federal government extends assitance to single parents. They help single parents reach their dreams for their children, feed them properly, bring them to school for education, and nurture their emotional and spiritual needs to be a good person and citizen when they grow up.

Some single parents are hesitant or even stubborn to seek for assistance being offered by the local government. Don’t be. Do not deny your children of what they deserve just because you are too stubborn to admit that you need help.

Besides, the help that you will get from the local government comes from our taxes, and your taxes that you have paid and paying too, taxes that all of us citizens have religiously paid with our efforts and sweat. By seeking help, you are merely reaping what you funded in the Federal Government’s tax fund.

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