Donating A Used Vehicle To A Charity

Donating A Used Vehicle To A Charity

If you are interested in making charitable donations and claiming then on your tax return then you should consider donating a used vehicle to a charity. This will allow you to claim a deduction on your tax returns. However, there are some rules you will need to follow and some safeguards you should keep in mind.

The first thing you should do is check to see if the organization you plan on donating the vehicle to is qualified. This is actually very easy to do and all you need is an Internet connection. Go to the IRS web site and search charitable organizations and see if the one you plan on donating to is listed. If the organization is not listed then you will not be able to claim the donation on your tax returns, so this is an important step to take.

Another important question you need to ask the charity is what are their plans for the vehicle? You have every right to ask this question and receive a reasonable response. Some charities might accept vehicle donations and then sell them in order to raise money while other charities might use the car for poor people without transportation. Regardless, find out what the vehicle will be used for before you donate it. If you do not receive an answer then perhaps you will look for a different charitable organization to donate to.

Also, the IRS requires that you determine the fair market value of the vehicle to claim on your taxes. Reporting the Blue Book value is not an option, so you will have to come up with the fair market value. Fortunately, there are several IRS guides that will help you determine this number.

Another tip is to find out what laws govern the donating of a vehicle to charity in your state. Some states will require you to transfer the title to the charitable organization while other states handle the transfer differently. Also, you will need to remove any license tags from the vehicle before giving it to the charitable organization. This will keep the car separate from you once you have donated it.

After you have done the research required for donating your vehicle to charity, if you still have additional questions then you should call the IRS directly to have your questions answered. This is really the only way to get accurate information so do not rely on what the charitable organization tells you. Make sure the IRS provides you with your information.
Donating anything to charity is a good action, especially if you donate a vehicle, because you are allowing others with little to nothing lives to be a little easier. However, take care when making donations in order to make the most of them on your tax returns.

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