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How CNC Helps Companies

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesHow CNC Helps Companies The advent of Computers lessened the need for human intervention in almost all aspects of our daily lives. This is especially true in the industrial sector now that production is virtually automated. Precision and accuracy Computer numerical control has been able to help companies in terms of precision. With the


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Certification deadline extended for work opportunity tax credit

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares The IRS issued Notice 2021-43 Tuesday providing transition relief for the deadline by which employers must request certification of employees as members of the designated community resident or qualified summer youth employee targeted groups for purposes of the work opportunity tax credit (WOTC). Under the transition relief, certain employers have until Nov. 8,


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New safe harbor for ERC gross receipts calculation

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares The IRS on Tuesday issued a safe harbor that allows an employer to exclude certain amounts received from other coronavirus economic relief programs in determining whether it qualifies for the employee retention credit (ERC) based on a decline in gross receipts (Rev. Proc. 2021-33). The amounts that can be excluded in calculated gross

Buying Property from the IRS

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares A short Chief Counsel Advisory opinion provides a cautionary tale for those purchasing property from the IRS.  CCA 2021021011190596 explains that if the buyer at an IRS sale does not follow through and make all of the payments necessary to complete the purchase, the IRS can declare the sale null and void.  When
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