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Georgia Income Tax Cut & Reform: Details & Analysis

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares After several rounds of negotiations, Georgia lawmakers enacted HB 1437 on April 4th. If certain financial conditions are met, this tax reform bill will consolidate the state’s six individual income tax brackets into one flat rate, ultimately reaching 4.99 percent over a number of years. The bill is awaiting action by the governor.

Throwback Rules and Throwout Rules

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares This week’s state tax map looks at throwback and throwout rules in states’ corporate tax codes. These rules may not be widely understood, but they have a notable impact on business location and investment decisions and reduce economic efficiency for the states which impose such rules. Over the long run, these rules reduce competitiveness while

Keeping your Home Despite a Job Loss

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesKeeping your Home Despite a Job Loss Job loss is a grim specter for a mortgage holder. For most of us, that mortgage payment is at the top of the monthly bill payment list. You can talk almost any creditor into short term relief and even long term restructuring – the phone company, your

Need More Money? Some Tips For Starting A Home Business

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesNeed More Money? Some Tips For Starting A Home Business Starting a home business is a great way to achieve your dreams and goals. The idea of a home-business income is also very desirable, and the added time with your family is enjoyable. If you are looking for ways to make your business more

Biden Budget Takes Crypto Compliance Efforts Global

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Cryptocurrency compliance is going global. But is the US ready to tackle compliance with foreign exchanges and accountholders before it finishes developing reporting rules for US-based firms? Even before the dust settles on the cryptocurrency and digital assets tax compliance guidelines included in last year’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the Biden Administration

Time to Make New Year’s Financial Resolutions

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesTime to Make New Year’s Financial Resolutions Do you remember any of the New Year’s resolutions you made for 2005? If you don’t, it may not be such a tragedy. After all, you still may have had a good quality of life even if you didn’t get to the gym three times a week,

Tax Returns – Should You Itemize?

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesTax Returns – Should You Itemize? When you finally decide it is time to prepare your taxes, the first question is whether you should itemize your deductions or take the standard deduction provided by the IRS. Choices, Choices… Tax deductions are a very simple part of a theoretically simple tax reporting system. If you’ve

Staying Prepared With Unemployment Insurance

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesStaying Prepared With Unemployment Insurance Unemployment insurance is intended to be a social insurance program that provides temporary benefits to unemployed workers, and imposes payroll taxes on covered employers. It was created in response to the Great Depression, when millions lost their jobs. It was legalized in 1935 as a part of the Social

Assets Haven Protects Financial Privacy In Post 911 Era

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesAssets Haven Protects Financial Privacy In Post 911 Era Ordinary Americans are discovering the vast asset protection, offshore and privacy opportunities previously only available to the extremely wealthy. With growing government surveillance in the post 9/11 era everyone should be concerned about financial privacy. Many financial websites now offer ground breaking information on offshore

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