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Biden Minimum Tax vs Biden Corporate Tax Rate Increase

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares As the Senate considers which components of the House Build Back Better Act (BBBA) to include, one key difference between the original Ways and Means draft and the later Rules Committee version is on corporate taxes. The original draft would have raised the corporate tax rate to 26.5 percent, while the Rules Committee

Business cards

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares These are the first set of business cards that I had made up. What do you think. I used on of my favoriate smoke photos and on the back I placed a bermudiana which I liked. What do you think hopefully it will get me shooting some more. Posted by Mr. Caesar on

Who Really Pays Tariffs? Trump-Biden Tariffs & Trade

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares When the Trump administration imposed tariffs on various imports in 2018, the stated purpose was to boost U.S. industries and punish foreign exporters. But rather than hurting foreign exporters, the economic evidence shows it is American firms and consumers hardest hit by the Trump tariffs. The tariffs resulted in higher prices for a

A $25,000 SALT Deduction Cap Would Be Only A Modest Improvement Over The House’s $80,000 Version

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares As Congress struggles to pass the Build Back Better bill, some congressional Democrats are exploring new proposals to raise the $10,000 cap on the state and local tax (SALT) deduction. These would increase the deduction limit to $25,000 for all taxpayers or, alternatively, raise the cap to $25,000 only for those making $400,000

Corporate Tax Rates by Country | Corporate Tax Trends

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Key Findings In 2021, 20 countries made changes to their statutory corporate income tax rates. Three countries—Bangladesh, Argentina, and Gibraltar—increased their top corporate tax rates, while 17 countries—including Chile, Tunisia, and France—reduced their corporate tax rates. Comoros (50 percent), Puerto Rico (37.5 percent), and Suriname (36 percent) are the jurisdictions with the highest corporate

Tips For Preparing Your Taxes from the Internet

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesTips For Preparing Your Taxes from the Internet When it comes to preparing our taxes, many of us could use some help. The following websites offer guidance and information that may assist you in learning about how to get the most out of filing your returns. Recommended by, sia tax

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