Business Outsourcing Labor Criticism Issues

Business Outsourcing Labor Criticism Issues

Many people believe business outsourcing to companies
outside of the United States is not right and we
should hire our own citizens.

Many of the accusations are regarding keeping the
money in the U.S., dodging taxes, and more.

When a company uses business outsourcing for their
project needs, customer or technical support, or call
centers they are saving a lot of money they would
normally have to pay to the government in Federal

Businesses usually have to pay a double tax.
Corporations are taxed on an extremely high level
income tax rate. When a company uses a business
outsourcing company then they don’t have to pay the
taxes to the United States.

In addition, they are able to pay a much lower wage to
people who are willing to accept whatever they can
get. This can save a business millions of dollars in a

Another big criticism is that American companies need
to keep the money in the United States. They need to
create the jobs for Americans and Americans need the

The money and the jobs should stay in the U.S. and
this would be supporting the local economy. Many
people believe this argument to be true but the money
savings is the biggest benefit. S

arbanes-Oxley has also forced companies to flee out of
the jurisdiction of the United States so they do not
have to be compliant.

Many people complain about companies outsourcing their
employees and giving jobs to people outside of the
United States.

However, businesses benefit much more because of the
high taxations that occur on businesses and the strict
policies toward businesses.

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