Business Card

Business Card


The thought process for this began with a reverse black spot, which would be placed in the users hand. When giving to a reciever you press down on the spot and it makes a temporary sensory imprint in their hand. I also made contact details scondary to the graphical elements. This means that the user has to hunt for details and place the card within 5cm from the face. I thought this concept was interesting in that I could perhaps makes a visual stamp on someones brain. The act of doing something different like this sparks a memory imprint. The bloated cross on the front side represents the bloated human conciousness, hungry to expand. Similarily the cross is intercepted with lines representing neurones. The metaphorical neurones can be lined up togther to create a network of interconnected cards and crosses.

Posted by Nicholas Ridley on 2008-12-19 11:24:05

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